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Wholesale Chicken Suppliers in Bangalore

We recognize the importance of the quality commitment of its institutional partners and are committed to delivering products of the highest quality. This commitment is further underlined with the implementation of strict food safety management systems throughout its production chain. 

 We have been and continues to be the most respected brand when it comes to its Wholesale Institutional Sales which has a rich legacy of being the best in the business for 10+  years !!!

Prakruthi takes great pride in all its associations with various premium quality conscious institutions who value Prakruthi Chicken because over decades now we have been consistently giving them Unmatched Quality and Service along with a Product whose Integrity has never been compromised upon.

No hormones or steroids

Flexible Financial Deal

Healthy and Quality Birds


fresh chickens

Do you deliver everywhere in Bangalore?

We currently deliver Fresh, Healthy, and Young birds in and around Bangalore.

Does the chicken contain hormones or steroids?

Our chicken does not have any added hormones or steroids.

Is the chicken genetically modified?

No, the chicken is not genetically modified.

If a chicken is diseased, can the human consuming the diseased chicken meat be affected?

Do you use growth hormones to artificially boost the chicken’s growth?

Do you use growth hormones to artificially boost the chicken’s growth?

No growth hormones are used for rearing chicken.

How can I tell if my chicken is healthy? Are there any obvious signs?

Positive signs of health are bright eyes, red comb, dry nostrils, shiny feathers (with most of them there), good weight, clean feathers under the tail, and an alert and active manner.

Lack of feathers could be due to the annual moult (late summer/autumn) on any part of the body. Missing feathers on the tail could be due to other hens pulling them out due to mineral deficiency or stress.

Lack of feathers on the neck sides may be due to the other hens or the de-pluming mite.

Broken and/or missing feathers on the back of the neck and back of the females may be due to over/vigorous attention from the male bird.

How do I inspect a chicken for health problems?

Hold the bird so that it is balanced by resting its weight on your left forearm, its head under your left arm, its legs held between the fingers of your left hand with its tail pointed away from you.

This leaves your right hand free to inspect the bird for positive signs of health, and lice or mites.

What are the payment term company offers?

Our payment terms are quite flexible. We have the option of weekly and daily payment options based on your convinience.

Do you have your own farms?

Yes. We have our own farms where we take care of the birds utmost care and we assure quality and tenderness to the clients.

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