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R L Fresh

About Us

Prakruthi Protein Foods India Pvt. Ltd. established in 2019 is a sister concern of R. L . Fresh. R. L . Fresh, known for its finest quality and taste is already a favourite among many Karnataka’s households.  Innovation and efforts to maintain consistency, highest quality and hygiene standards are well appreciated by the many that savour the taste of its good chicken.

Our Products

Wholesale Institutional Chicken Sales

We specialize in the cultivation of broilers, meat processing and wholesale supplies in Bangalore and different part of karnataka. Grown in natural conditions with nutrition-rich feed, you can be assured that every bite is tender and juicy. 

Frozen Chicken Meat Supply

We are a credible Supplier of different types of Frozen Chicken Meat, which is widely appreciated for its taste and high nutritional value. The range of Frozen Chicken Meat, which we supply, comprises of Frozen Boneless Chicken Meat and Frozen Chicken Wings.

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Own Farms

What We Stand For

 We give our customers the better quality chicken – Its Quality that’s Unmatchable and it comes from us having complete control over the entire process of producing chicken so that we can ensure that there is no compromise at any level of production.


The quality of day-old chicks is of utmost importance in the poultry management industry and as such, at Prakruthi, our concern for healthy birds, excellent feed conversions and flock uniformity is given priority.


A well-controlled process ensures you get nothing but the freshest of chicken straight from the farms. Grown in natural conditions with nutrition-rich feed, you can be assured that every bite is tender, tasty and juicy.


We take complete care to ensure you receive and savor products of the highest quality. Stringent quality measures and good manufacturing practices are the pillars of this vision.

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