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Frozen Chicken Suppliers in Bangalore

Prakruthi offers you the best quality grade A Whole frozen chicken, are specially hand Slaughtered accordingly to Islamic and international requirements. Well Dressed and cleaned, white skin, no bruise, No Blood, no bad smell, No feather No Broken bones, Dry, moisture less than 5 %, 100% Fresh and Frozen​, Perfect for grilling and roasting. 

Having high nutritional content, this Frozen Chicken is appreciated for its taste. We are amidst the credible Suppliers of the Frozen Country Chicken from Bangalore (Karnataka). The Frozen Country Chicken, which we provide, is packed using quality food-grade packaging material.

Min Order Quantity 100/Kg per Order

Why Prakruthi Frozen Chicken

Chemical & Preservatives Free

Certified Meat Processing Facility

100+ Quality Checks



If your meat halal or jhatka?

Our chicken is Halal certified. We follow all Halal standards strictly including removal of arteries and veins in a certified manner.

How do I thaw frozen products?

Thawing is required only if the product is stored at 4°C or less.  Frozen products should be thawed in a microwave as per the directions given.

Note: After thawing, the product must be used within 12 hours.

Do you add Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) in your products?

No, we do not add MSG in our products.

Is the chicken free from preservatives?

No preservatives are added to raw chicken meat.

How is frozen chicken nutritious?

Frozen chicken does not lose nutritional value while freezing (it is frozen at -18°C) and cold storage. We make sure there is no temperature deviation during storage.

How is chicken healthy for human consumption?

Chicken is healthy for human consumption if processed under a hygienic condition and stored under refrigerated or frozen conditions or as defined by the manufacturer.

Does the chicken contain hormones or steroids?

Our chicken does not have any added hormones or steroids.

Is the chicken genetically modified?

No, the chicken is not genetically modified.

If a chicken is diseased, can the human consuming the diseased chicken meat be affected?

Diseased chicken is not fit for slaughter. Diseased birds should be condemned before slaughter.

Do you use growth hormones to artificially boost the chicken’s growth?

No growth hormones are used for rearing chicken.

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